Llandysul’s Smallest House

In Conwy, in North Wales, there is a very popular tourist attraction called the “Smallest House in Wales”. As I remember it, the house is part of a terrace on the harbour and is painted red. The inside was brown – it must be about 35 years since I went inside, so I don’t remember much. Best to visit it yourself, this is the website: http://thesmallesthouseingreatbritain.co.uk/

Why do I mention this? Well, once upon a time, Llandysul, or more correctly, Pont-Tyweli, there was also the “Smallest House in Wales” and I think that if it had survived it would have been smaller than the building in Conwy.

picture of small house with tenant.

“Ty Phillips Bach” with Mr Phillips,Pont-Tyweli, Llandysul – Smallest House. This picture is from the Llandysul & District Local History Society Collection.

The house was known as Ty Phillips Bach (Phillips’ Small House).  Mr Phillips (pictured) was a painter and decorator and had a shed next door in which he kept his paint. This shed was apparently bigger than his house.   The photograph was taken in 1945, and Mr Phillips subsequently died in the Public Assistance Institution, formally Cardigan Workhouse.   Local people remember playing in the empty house.   It was demolished in the late 1960 or early 1970s.

Today, you can still see the location of the house.  If you walk from the Pwerdy (Powerhouse Community and Arts Centre), facing the Half Moon Inn, there is a  wall on your right.  Below the wall is a steep bank, and then the rapids of the River Teifi. As you walk along the pavement, follow the wall,  you will come to a break in the walk and that was the location of the house.  There is also a lilac tree which must have been planted after the house was demolished I think but I wonder if it is to commemorate the house and Mr Phillips.

Picture of the site of the house.

Former location of the “smallest house in Wales”.

Llandysul History Society and World War 1

Just a quick update. We had many visitors over the two open days and were given a lot of photos to scan.  We were able to match up some of the people in the photos with the list which we have been putting together from the War Memorials and the local newspaper columns.  We were also shown a soldier’s ID bracelet and 100mm shell casing!  We’ve taken photos and recorded details about these precious items.  Many people who came were fascinated by the list we are putting together.  More research is to be done and we will be off to the National Library of Wales in a few weeks as well as the Ceredigion County Archive.


Is it important to commemorate the anniversary of World War 1?

It happened so long ago. The battles, the trauma, the songs, the stories are 100 years in the past. Is it all about the big story? The history of why the borders of countries are drawn up as they are; how we look at our neighbouring countries, why Europe is as it is. Is all relevant today, we need to understand the past so understand the future.

What about the people who fought this war? The war brought all kinds of people from all walks for life, together, to share a common experience. That experience might be in the trenches, in the ships both navy and merchant or in the air. Also there are the hospitals both at the front and at home. Then at home there are the factories and the farms and the worry, the sadness, the horror, the stiff upper lip. How did they live through it all? How would we cope faced with that kind of war? It affected everybody, even here in Llandysul.

So I would say that yes, the commemoration of what happened 100 years ago is important to us today.

part of photo of Peace Day in Llandysul 1919

Part of photo showing Peace Day 1919 in Llandysul.

Cymdeithas Hanes Llandysul / Llandysul Local History Society started researching the impact of World War 1 in Llandysul in preparation for an exhibition in sometime between 1914-1918. We have begun by going to the National Library of Wales, in Aberystwyth and looking at the local newspapers of the time on the microfiche: Welsh Gazette, Cambrian News, Carmarthen Journal and the The Cardiganshire and Tivy-Side Advertiser. It’s an immense task going through 4 / 5 years of newspapers looking for information. It has been interesting. We have picked up names of people who have joined up, when they came home on furlough and for some when they were killed. We are slowly putting together a timeline of the events within Llandysul and the local area during this period.

We are holding two open days on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May to ask people if they have information for our project. People might have items from the period, posters, cards which we could scan. Or they might know a history of their relatives in that period. They might have been soldiers but might also have been nurses, doctors, farmers, miners etc. It is all relevant to the project and to our community memory.

The Open Days will be held in Llandysul Library on Friday, 17 May, 2013 – 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday, 18 May, 2013 – 10 am to 1 pm.

Incidentally the National Library of Wales have a project about WW1 and are scanning in some Welsh newspapers between 1914-1918. But only the Cambrian News and Carmarthen Journal for our area, and they are not online yet. It will be helpful when they are and we are looking forward to it.

Christmas Art Exhibition

From the 3rd – 17th December the Pwerdy – Powerhouse* is holding an art exhibition for local artists: Graham Lewis, Lynda Guy, Chris Chalk, Charlotte Davies , Victoria Malcom, Cara Bendon and also work by the art group- `Drawing from the self` who have been studying art at Pwerdy this year.

It’s a really interesting collection with different ideas and techniques, colours and images. I spent yesterday, a cold, but sunny Monday afternoon, invigilating. I didn’t really expect anyone to come in but they did. They were all just passing, either walking or driving by and had seen the sign outside. Most had never been in the Pwerdy and so not only did they see the exhibition, they got a tour too.  They seemed to enjoy the art, not sure about the tour.

It’s definitely worth a visit.

*Pwerdy – Powerhouse, Community and Arts Centre, Chapel Street, Pont Tyweli, Sir Gaerfyrddin / Carmarthenshire, SA44 4AH

Llandysul Food Festival

Dydd Mercher, gawson ni cyfarfod bach am y Gwyl Fwyd Llandysul.  Ein problem ni, yw arian.  Mae’n rhaid o ni ffeindio rhyw busnes neu mwy i gefnogi’r gwyl.  Sut?  Does gan neb ohonon ni profiad yn y maes o farchnata. 

 Wednesday I went to a meeting about the Food Festival for 2008 and going on to 2009.  As with all events we need money and we need to find some friendly businesses to sponsor us.  WE’re not huge, but we could be bigger.  The Llandysul area boasts a remarkable batch of food producers – Cambrian Organics, Tregroes Waffles, Carmarthenshire Cheese Company etc.  Take a look at the list of producers from 2007 http://www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk/gwylfwyd/default.htm.  Our first step at making the festival more of an event will be to have it’s own website. Hopefully that will come soon. 

Sadly though, our biggest problem is getting the money and we’re none of us experts in the wicked art of Marketing…

Organic stuff

Hurrah! My delivery from Green People has come and just in time. I’d run out of my night time moisteriser.  Their moisterisers are really good. (I use a different one for day and for night times.)  They’re about the same price as the moisterisers that I was using and with organic, natural products.  Even Greg uses their shaving gel. 

Pouring down with rain today and the clouds are low over Llandysul. Kittens are refusing to go outside. 


Croeso i bawb i fy blog am Llandysul / Welcome everyone to my Llandysul Blog!

Dw i’n newydd i’r byd o Blogging ac dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg.  Ond, dw i eisiau dweud i’r byd am ran o fy mywyd yn Llandysul. Ble mae Llandysul? Yn Sir Ceredigion, – edrych ar y wefan cymunedol www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk

I’m new to the world of blogging – I think that it’s like learning to ride a bike.  I’m feeling a bit shakey about it right now.  So, why am I doing it? Well I want to spread the word about how great a place Llandysul is to live.  My view is not going to be the same as everyone’s view of the area but I think that it is a valid view.  Llandysul is in south Ceredigion – have a look at the community website for details – www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk.