Dolen Teifi – community bus

I went to a meeting last night at the Llandysul and Pont Tyweli Ymlaen office and it was about community transport.  Due to some very hard working people in the Ymlaen Office we now have the beginnings of an excellent community transport scheme.  Stage one is in operation now.  Join Dolen Teifi (the name of the community bus scheme), book your bus either with the Ymlaen office or online for your club trip out or whatever. If you don’t have a mini bus driver in your club there is a free mini bus driving course or Dolen Teifi can find other drivers for you.  I think that the hope is the bus will be come a bit more than a mini bus for hire, but could offer a positive transport option within the community. Anyway, check out the website at, it will give you all the information that you need.