We are going on a Treasure Hunt

We have visitors coming at the weekend and thought we might entertain them, or more specifically the children with a treasure hunt.

The map and letter will be aged with cold tea this evening.  The clues I put out and about on my walk this morning.

Then I will just need to bury the treasure!

photograph of a written clue, hanging from the branch of an apple tree.

Apple tree clue

Photograph of over grown track, with A clue on a gate post.

A clue on a gate post.

The many faces of Llandysul

These are the many faces of the Llandysul Tractor Run, which took place last Sunday morning. I just love how cute the all look!

The tractors, or possibly their drivers were sponsored and the money is going to the Wales Air Ambulance and the Gwyl Wledig Tysul (Tysul Country Fair).

Fordson Major

Fordson Major

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson

David Brown Livedrive

David Brown Livedrive

Fordson Major

A Fordson Major


Quite a stern face

Lots of Massey Fergusons

Lots of Massey Fergusons

More tractors

More tractors

old tractor

Massey Ferguson

Gardens, buses and car parks

I went to the Llandysul Gardening Weekend on Saturday morning.  There was a great atmosphere and loads of people there.  The stage display was immense, a fairy wood. Pure escapism, brilliant.  I went to a talk by Richard Bramley of Farmyard Nurseries about ‘Growing Roses in Wales’.  I learnt quite a bit, mainly that I would never grow anything spectacular as I don’t have the time or skills necessary, so I thought that I should keep it simple.  I bought 5 rosa rugosa which I planted that very afternoon.  These are tough hedging plants with little white flowers.  Fingers crossed they survive the poor climate of our north facing slope and me!

The event lasted for three days, and everyone I saw had a smile on their faces.  They were interested in their gardening. Many people who came had travelled from quite a distance to be there for example Gloucestershire!

Well done to Llandysul Country Market who saw an opportunity and opened on Saturday at their usual venue of the Spiritualist Centre, I hope that they got some good business from the visiting gardeners.   Their normal time of business is Wednesday mornings but I learnt that there is now less trade on a Wednesday since Nat West have stopped opening then, and of course since Llandysul was abandoned by two other banks in the last 12 months.  Friday seems a good day as both Nat West and Barclays are open.

Other Llandysul news I learnt on Saturday was that there is a new bus service between Llandysul and Carmarthen ‘41’ and that’s really good news as people will be able to travel more easily into Llandysul.

Also, not such good news Ceredigion County Council will be increasing the price of the car park from 1st April.   Not good news for consumers or businesses.  These figures are from the Ceredigion County Council website.

Car, Vans and Motorcycles:

Up to 2 hours: current zero from 1st April 40p

Up to 4 hours: current 40p from 1st April 70p

Per Day: current 70p from 1st April £1.20

Cars – 6 monthly ticket: current £70 from 1st April £90

Cars – Annual Ticket: £120 from 1st April £150.

Llandysul website www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk.

Llandysul Gardening Weekend

The Llandysul Gardening Weekend is upon us again.  I’m not sure how many years it has been going but it is a regular fixture in the gardening calendar and in Llandysul.  I’m not a gardener myself but I can appreciate the speakers who have been gathered and the range of topics which they will cover over the three days: Hellebores, Garden Design, Rare plants for West Wales gardens, Bees & flowers, Roses, Veg for everyone, Spring flowers, basket and containers, sustainability and seeds and herb gardens.  A huge variety of topics and all of these talks are free as is the event.

In the hall there will be stalls selling everything from hellebores to bird boxes.  On the stage will be a garden display by Farmyard Nurseries.

I’m still amazed that this is all free, although I guess that there are sponsors but I know it’s mostly put together by volunteers and Farmyard Nurseries and Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Ymlaen.

Go along, it’s in Tysul Hall from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February. 

See http://www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk/index.php/en/llandysul-gardening-weekend-2012.html for details.

South Clettwr Valley walk

Yesterday I went out walking with Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome.   It was a perfect autumn day. There had been a frost overnight, enough for me to have to defrost the car window and the sky was so blue and the sun was shining and quite warm. Also the air was clear and crisp. So beautiful.

This guided walk started from Capel Dewi church car park and took us along lanes and over long forgotten tracks, over the Clettwr (which was running quite high) and then eventually back to the Church. It was about 4 miles and there was a dozen of us, plus a dog.  Good company, good walk and a very good autumn.

A map and guide of the walk (the South Clettwr Valley Walk) can be downloaded from the Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome website.

Anything happening in Llandysul?

I’m sure that people think that nothing happens in Llandysul. Well, I think that they are wrong, here’s the highlights just for the next two weekends.

Tomorrow, Saturday 14th May Llandysul Cricket Club will be playing Hills Plymouth CC in the park from 1.30pm. And, if you are inspired by the exercise Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome will be holding a Bluebell guided walk on Sunday at 10.30, Meet at Cwmtegryd Farm, Capel Dewi.

On the following Saturday, 21st May, Llandysul and District Local History Society will be opening their new exhibition “Open All Hours” / “Busnes bob Dydd” to the public from 10am-12noon. The exhibition shows the history of some of the shops and businesses in Llandysul and Pont-Tyweli between the 1860s and 1970s. The exhibition is the combination of more than two years of members’ hard word of interviewing members of the community, collecting and scanning photographs, researching the census to 1911, and going through trade directories at the National Library of Wales. The exhibition is situated on the first floor of Llandysul Library (lift available) which is adjacent to the car park.

The weekend of the 21st – 22nd May Llandysul Paddlers are holding the British Junior Canoe Championships. Loads to watch and take part in.

There’s a diary on www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk to keep everyone up to date with all sorts of activities, they’re not always so strenuous!