Taith gerdded yn y bore / Morning walk

Tua tair waith yr wythnos dw i mynd am dro yn y bore.  Mae’r gaeaf wedi cyrraedd ac mae llawer o goed wedi colli eu dail.

About 3 times a week I go for a morning walk. The winter has arrived and most trees have lost their leaves.

Woodland trackPicture of track in pinewood

Ponies in the mist

On my walk this morning, I found the ponies and I thought that they might be a bit spooked as I appeared out of the mist, but they seemed quite happy to see me.

Early morning photo, mist and 3 ponies.

Ponies in the mist

Wild Garlic Pesto

It’s that time of year when I walk along my lane and smell the wild garlic and I think that I really should use it.  No one else is, and it is a good, free food source.

So off I went with my basket and collected a huge batch of leaves as I wanted to make pesto with the recipe on the Wild Pickings website: http://wildpickings.wordpress.com/recipes/

Picture show a Basket of wild garlic leaves on kitchen worktop.

Basket of wild garlic leaves.

The recipe lists the following ingredients: 100g wild garlic leaves; 50g walnuts; 100ml olive oil; 1tsp salt; 50g grated cheese (optional).

But I didn’t have any walnuts, so I used pine nuts which I used when I made pesto from basil leaves.

I used parmesan cheese.


Image show the ingredients to make wild garlic pesto.

All the ingredients together.


Image shows the ingredients in the blender, before whizzing.

All the ingredients in the blender.

It was quite difficult to blend the ingredients. Were my leaves too old, too tough? With a lot of prodding though, I got them to blend ok.

picture of Wild Garlic Pesto in jar

Wild Garlic Pesto, in a jar.

The final product in a jar, which I had sterilised.

I tried it mixed with mashed potatoes last night with roast pork. There is a lot of flavour but little residual garlic smell on your breath than with a garlic bulb. Also, I am intolerant to garlic and leeks and raw onions so I was a little worried about trying wild garlic. Yes, there was a little indigestion, but nothing major. I’ll try it again with pasta tonight and see how it is.

Big Events in Llandysul

Llandysul is not a big place, and there are very few big events which happen here. Lots of small things of course, club meetings, society meetings, football and cricket matches, arts courses… sorry I digress.

Let’s return to the subject of big events, as we’re about to have two of the biggest events of the year in Llandysul.

Image of Llandysul Food Festival

Next Saturday, the 30th June is the Llandysul Food Festival. This is the 13th year for the food festival and we are so lucky to have it. This is the best opportunity for the local community to taste and buy artisan food made in Wales on their door step. Much of this food is made locally, within the Teifi Valley itself, most of the rest come from Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Interestingly not all of these food products are available in our local shops so it is a great opportunity to find new foods. There will be cooking demonstrations and lots of entertainment too. Fingers crossed the weather will be dry so that we can all enjoy it. Anyway it’s free to get in, and not many things are free these days.

The next day, Sunday 1 July there is a guided walk with Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome, which meets at the Woodland Trust at Coedyfoel.
Sunday 1st July is also the first day of the Llandysul and Pont-Tyweli Carnival week, with events with the Llandysul Paddlers at the lake from 2pm. Every evening then for the week there are events and the full programme can be seen here. On Saturday 7th July, is the actual Carnival.

So, I think that there is something for everyone over the whole week. I hope everyone enjoys it and I congratulate and thank all of the volunteers who are running these events. It’s hard work but your community needs you!

Events in Llandysul

I was asked yesterday what events will be happening in Llandysul in 2012.  Like I know!  But I do help update the events diary on www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk, so I know of some things. But it all depends on members of the community in Llandysul a’r Fro letting me know.

So here is what I know.

Llandysul Gardening Weekend – 24 -26 February see: http://www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=279&Itemid=185&lang=en

Food Festival – no idea. The Food Directorate have not announced if there will be funding, so a grant application has not even been made. Also, this committee desperately needs new volunteers.  If it were to happen it’s usually the last Saturday in June.

Carnival – I saw that they are having a meeting on February  15th at the Half Moon – to organise the event. Again volunteers are very welcome. It usually happens on the first Saturday in July and in the week leading up to the carnival.

River Festival – In August usually and this is a Paddlers event.

WAW – guided walk every month but in September a walking festival with 3 days of walks, I think 7-9 Sept.

Bonfire night – Nearest Saturday to Nov 5th normall and is usually organised by the Scouts.

Christmas Fair – that was successfully organised by the “Business Club” last time, so best hopefully they’ll be up for it again.

That’s all folks!

If you know of events and would like them on events diary on www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk please email info@dolenteifi.org.uk.


South Clettwr Valley walk

Yesterday I went out walking with Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome.   It was a perfect autumn day. There had been a frost overnight, enough for me to have to defrost the car window and the sky was so blue and the sun was shining and quite warm. Also the air was clear and crisp. So beautiful.

This guided walk started from Capel Dewi church car park and took us along lanes and over long forgotten tracks, over the Clettwr (which was running quite high) and then eventually back to the Church. It was about 4 miles and there was a dozen of us, plus a dog.  Good company, good walk and a very good autumn.

A map and guide of the walk (the South Clettwr Valley Walk) can be downloaded from the Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli Walkers are Welcome website.