A few weeks ago I sat down for a coffee in Buon Appetito, Llandysul with @shirlpj and @JulietFay and we discussed how we could get more businesses together from Llandysul and the surrounding area to network and socialise, maybe to discuss and share business ideas.

We though that we could all meet up in the pub after work or at lunchtime. We could book a meeting room and have a seminar. We could have some sort of online meeting maybe using a Google+ hangout. This sounds great, but how to get other businesses on board? In business, especially if you work for yourself time is a very valuable commodity so you need to spend it wisely.

We thought it might be a good idea to use Twitter as many Llandysul and Teifi Valley businesses are using Twitter and set up a Tweetchat.

Now, I had heard of tweetchats but had never actually participated so this would be a useful exercise. I looked up how to participate in a tweetchat, and found this article helpful: http://janetfouts.com/how-to-participate-in-a-tweet-chat/

It was decided that the first tweetchat was to be on Tuesday 6th November and hashtag would be #teifinet. The subject was “Your favourite Google Tools” and you can read the transcript here: http://www.tweetdoc.org/View/57996/Teifinet-Chat-6th-Nov. I set up in the living room with my laptop, with hubby watching over my shoulder. I used Hootsuite and set up a #teifinet stream. It was quite frantic at first but I thought very successful as quite a few people took part and we all had something to say.

The following week the tweetchat was about “Using Images Online” and again you can read about it here http://www.tweetdoc.org/View/58245/Teifinet-tweetchat-Tues-131112, which is what I had to do as I couldn’t take part this time. I did enjoy reading about it though. These transcripts I think are very useful. Something to save and look back on, great work @shirlpj.
Our next tweetchat is Tuesday at 8pm with our hashtag #teifinet our subject is about “Blogs”.
Ideas for discussion:
How useful are blogs to your business?
Which programs are good?
How to get motivated to write a blog? (In my case, suggest the topic “blogs” for discussion and then realise you should write a blog post!)

So for the moment #Teifinet is a Twitter phenomenon hence the hashtag but it might not be long before meetings take place in the real world.

If you are a business in Llandysul and Teifi Valley would you be interested?