Ray Mears

Neithiwr, aethon ni i Aberystwyth i weld, i glywed Ray Mears yn siarad am ei teithiau dros y byd.  Roedd o’n diddoral iawn.  Sairadodd o am dros 2.5 awr, heb stopio a heb dwr.  Hefyd, roedd o’n dangos lluniau o’r teithiau.  O’r artic i awstralia. 

Went to see Ray Mears last night in Abersytwyth.  He talked for over 2.5 hours about his journeys around the world.  Really interesting, shame the seats at the art centre are so uncomfortable and the leg room is virtually non existent.  So came away all motivated to travel the world but could barely walk once I managed to stand.  He was a good bloke, answered questions afterwards and then sat down to sign his books (that people could buy in the foyer).  We left at 11.10pm so goodness when he finished.