Recycled Gardening

I am not a gardener but I do love the idea of eating vegetables which you have grown yourself.  Over the years I have dabbled. The most successful I have been was about 14 years ago, in our old house in Oxfordshire. I built three frames 2m x 2m and filled them with soil and a way I went.  Easy gardening as it was all controlled and boxed in. No digging over. It was successful after a fashion.  I remember flowers and courgettes mostly. Unfortunately it only lasted one summer as the next year we moved.

Our new place has fields and no garden as such.  I tried growing in the lawn in front of the house but it is north facing. We also live in a river valley so it is quite damp. Loads of slugs. I gave up. Not just because of the location but life changed and I was having to travel 3 hours to see mum, but now she has passed away I find myself with some spare time. So I decided to make a vegetable patch. But something small which I can manage easily.


Pallet garden

I decided that I did not want to go out and buy wood to create frames, not yet at least so I looked around our land and found the perfect frame – a pallet. I blocked the sides with some wood and stones. I guess I could screw or nail these and create a more sturdy wall. Then I filled the pallet with soil and popped in some rocket and some squash seeds. I had a broken cold frame to give the squash some protection.


Tyre garden

I also found a couple of old tyres and filled those with soil and I have planted sweet peas. I love those flowers, they remind me of both my Nannas’, for different reasons.

So fingers crossed that something will grow. I just need to remember to water them!