Closing the library discriminates against every person living in Llandysul and the surrounding area

A library is inclusive.

What I mean is that everyone can go there and use the facilities. Young and old; Rich and poor; Able bodied and disabled; Religious or not.  We can go in and choose a book – to learn from, to help us relax, to see a different world, expand our imaginations, to solve a problem.

Council Leader Ellen ap Gwyn has said that Llandysul cannot complain about lack of investment as £30 million is being spent on a new school.  However the vast majority of the community cannot use the facilities in the school. According to the 2011 Census, Llandysul Town Ward was occupied by 1,439 people.  327 of those people were under 19 years old.  Anyone over 20, that is 1,112 people will not be able to use the new school facilities.  We cannot join the history class or science lessons.  We cannot use the computer suite and look up jobs or services or work on our family tree.  However, we can go to the library and read the books and use the computers.

I believe that what Ceredigion County Council are proposing is discriminatory.

The decision to close our library discriminates against every person living in our rural community.  All 1,439 Llandysullians can use the library but only 327 can use the school.  (I haven’t added the population figures for the whole of the Llandysul community area, or indeed for Pont-Tyweli and further afield, but it gives a picture).

I do understand that cuts have to be made.  Did the Council consider cutting opening hours in all the libraries in the County?  Evenly and fairly.  Closing Llandysul Library would save £40,000. Could £40,000 be saved across the library service as a whole in Ceredigion?

If the Council go ahead with the closure of Llandysul Library, we will lose:

  • Free loan of Welsh and English Books
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Computers with Internet access, printing, photocopying and WiFi.
  • The expertise of experienced, qualified Librarians


Could Ceredigion County Council be acting illegally?

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals thinks so. Please take a moment to read this article from the Guardian.


WE have an online petition with asking Ceredigion County Council not to close the library. Click here, if you would like to sign and show your support.

Join the Protest!


Join us on Tuesday 12th January, 2016 at the Ceredigion County Offices, Penmorfa Aberaeron to protest at the closure of Llandysul Library.

The meeting begins at 10am so we will meet outside the main entrance at 9.15am and welcome the Councillors as they arrive.

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