Party like a Pirate

teifi trails

So what do you make of these straplines: ‘Work like a Captain’, ‘Party like a Pirate’ and, the most telling: ‘Drinking rum before 10.00am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic’. Really?

picture of Teifi tour T shirt

Well, you can tell what kind of weekend Teifi Tour 2014 will be. October 24-26 is when all the university paddling clubs head to Pont Tyweli for the first big event in the season. The paddling is formidable and the partying ‘legendary’. Personally, I’d like to watch from the bridges and banks, maybe at Henllan Rapids, or the bridge in Llanfihangel-ar-arth, which is where they’ll be setting off on the Saturday. They get to Henllan by close of play and on Sunday morning, hopefully with no fresh rum to fire them, they start on the next section, most of them stopping at Cenarth (grade 4 in the falls, as you might expect). Some paddlers continue to Poppit sands…

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