Ceredigion Archives

During a visit with fellow members of Llandysul History Society to Ceredigion Archives a few years ago we were shown registers containing information on the first motor vehicles in the county. This, combined with a lifelong interest in motoring together with an early boyhood passion for recording car numbers, has resulted in me starting a project to document the history of early motoring in Cardiganshire.

The earliest vehicle registers in Ceredigion Archives

In 1903, with increasing numbers of motor vehicles on the road, and with numerous incidents and accidents occurring, the government decided that each vehicle would be given a unique number so as to be easily identified. Each county would be given a one or two letter prefix; Cardiganshire was allocated the letters EJ. The prefix EJ continued until 1948 with a total of 8819 vehicles registered between the years 1903-1948; these are recorded in a series of 12 registers…

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  1. Very interesting and maybe there might be some sort of record of how Dai Cole of Valley Services started his business with cars. Byron Jones` dad. He lives in Brynhyfryd Pont tywely. I am sure that he has a story!!!! Not so far back I know but might be worth recording for the future and slotting it in at the appropriate date. Sue Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 14:48:33 +0000 To: suzanne.79@live.co.uk

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