Oh, what tangled web we weave!

This morning was a very misty, damp, cold morning but you could feel the sun just trying to burn through. Indeed it did and we are having a beautiful and warm, June day. I took photos this morning of cobwebs which because of the moisture showed up really well and looked stunning.





All of these cobwebs got me thinking. Cobwebs are beautiful and clever structures created to sustain a life. This is what we do. We create a web of knowledge and of links to people all to sustain our lives. Then we go a step further than a spider, we extend our web and join with other people, in fact we need to, to sustain our lives. We create a family unit. Family units and individuals join their webs and create a community but there it gets complicated as there are many communities within a community and they don’t always get on.

Let’s take Llandysul as an example. There are many societies, clubs and organisations and businesses which make up the town. They all have their supporters and members and they are all really good at getting on with what they do. Sometimes, they work together for a common purpose, but sometimes they don’t always get on with each other or even communicate with each other and from that you get misunderstanding and bad feeling.  The web breaks.

This is not just Llandysul but all communities on this planet whether they are villages, playgrounds, neighbourhoods, companies towns or countries.

This is the human race. I feel we’re missing something.


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