Llandysul’s Smallest House

In Conwy, in North Wales, there is a very popular tourist attraction called the “Smallest House in Wales”. As I remember it, the house is part of a terrace on the harbour and is painted red. The inside was brown – it must be about 35 years since I went inside, so I don’t remember much. Best to visit it yourself, this is the website: http://thesmallesthouseingreatbritain.co.uk/

Why do I mention this? Well, once upon a time, Llandysul, or more correctly, Pont-Tyweli, there was also the “Smallest House in Wales” and I think that if it had survived it would have been smaller than the building in Conwy.

picture of small house with tenant.

“Ty Phillips Bach” with Mr Phillips,Pont-Tyweli, Llandysul – Smallest House. This picture is from the Llandysul & District Local History Society Collection.

The house was known as Ty Phillips Bach (Phillips’ Small House).  Mr Phillips (pictured) was a painter and decorator and had a shed next door in which he kept his paint. This shed was apparently bigger than his house.   The photograph was taken in 1945, and Mr Phillips subsequently died in the Public Assistance Institution, formally Cardigan Workhouse.   Local people remember playing in the empty house.   It was demolished in the late 1960 or early 1970s.

Today, you can still see the location of the house.  If you walk from the Pwerdy (Powerhouse Community and Arts Centre), facing the Half Moon Inn, there is a  wall on your right.  Below the wall is a steep bank, and then the rapids of the River Teifi. As you walk along the pavement, follow the wall,  you will come to a break in the walk and that was the location of the house.  There is also a lilac tree which must have been planted after the house was demolished I think but I wonder if it is to commemorate the house and Mr Phillips.

Picture of the site of the house.

Former location of the “smallest house in Wales”.

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