Wild Garlic Pesto

It’s that time of year when I walk along my lane and smell the wild garlic and I think that I really should use it.  No one else is, and it is a good, free food source.

So off I went with my basket and collected a huge batch of leaves as I wanted to make pesto with the recipe on the Wild Pickings website: http://wildpickings.wordpress.com/recipes/

Picture show a Basket of wild garlic leaves on kitchen worktop.

Basket of wild garlic leaves.

The recipe lists the following ingredients: 100g wild garlic leaves; 50g walnuts; 100ml olive oil; 1tsp salt; 50g grated cheese (optional).

But I didn’t have any walnuts, so I used pine nuts which I used when I made pesto from basil leaves.

I used parmesan cheese.


Image show the ingredients to make wild garlic pesto.

All the ingredients together.


Image shows the ingredients in the blender, before whizzing.

All the ingredients in the blender.

It was quite difficult to blend the ingredients. Were my leaves too old, too tough? With a lot of prodding though, I got them to blend ok.

picture of Wild Garlic Pesto in jar

Wild Garlic Pesto, in a jar.

The final product in a jar, which I had sterilised.

I tried it mixed with mashed potatoes last night with roast pork. There is a lot of flavour but little residual garlic smell on your breath than with a garlic bulb. Also, I am intolerant to garlic and leeks and raw onions so I was a little worried about trying wild garlic. Yes, there was a little indigestion, but nothing major. I’ll try it again with pasta tonight and see how it is.


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