Actresses: catching flies?

I have noticed, what I hope is not a new trend of actresses, acting with their mouths open all the time. That is open for whole scenes where they are not even speaking.
I first noticed this in the BBC Saturday night show “Atlantis”. This show is about the fabled island / city with lots of Greek legends thrown in, for example Perseus and Hercules all the way to documented people such as Pythagoras. It’s definitely imaginative. Medusa has been Hercules love interest throughout the first series (pre hair of snakes). But she has this annoying habit of having her mouth open throughout her appearances on the show even if she is not saying anything. Why?

A Girl By Any Other Name

(Image from the BBC website –
Now, I’ve noticed 2 other actresses doing the same thing although not in every scene of their shows.
First up is the character Mary in the BBC’s “Jamaica Inn”. Based on the Daphne Du Maurier novel this BBC adaptation has so far had over 800 complaints to date about the inability to understand some of the actors as they were mumbling and their Cornish accents were too thick. The BBC said it was a problem with the sound recording.
Whatever, that has not bothered me too much. I have so far watched two episodes and it is easy watching although I don’t particularly like any of the characters. Mary, the heroine has on occasion walked around in a daze on the moors with her mouth open. Now it maybe she was out of breath but I fear a director has told her to do this, to sex up the walking around in a daze scene.
The next tv show is S4C’s “35 Diwrnod” (35 Days in English). A murder mystery without the police. We, the audience are trying to work out who has done the murder. It is in Welsh, and English subtitles are available. It is quite gripping and I am enjoying it. The audience hasn’t been shown a single “nice” character yet; all the characters are shown warts and all. Is that how the police see the public, I wonder? The heroine, Jan, who is the corpse in the opening credits, and who we are trying to figure out who murdered her, is the annoying character. Walking around with her mouth open most of the time, again, does this parting of the lips indicate sexiness to the director or the actress?
I don’t get it and I hope that this is not a growing trend. Unless I have got it completely wrong of course and they are all suffering from a cold and their broody, walking around is actually them trying to locate the Lemsip and box of tissues as they try to breathe through their mouths. It is off putting.
On the plus side, I have enjoyed all three tv shows to date and I’m just pointing out something small.

Out of the 3 programmes, try and watch 35 Diwrnod. It is original and gripping. The last show was 9 days before the murder, and I still don’t have a clue as to who will do it. Jan is not an innocent character either, she seems to be an agent provocateur in some scenes and a weak and feeble character in others.


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