Gwyl Fwyd Llandysul Food Festival

Sori, mae’r blog yn Saesneg. Mae llawer i’w dweud a does gen i ddim llawer o amser I dweud o.

Everything is coming together for the Llandysul Food Festival, which in on Saturday 27th June in the park. We had a meeting on Monday afternoon and everyone seems happy with arrangements. There a little things, such as the skip and portaloos need to be ordered but Ann has everything organised.

I was hoping that we would have some small farm animals on the field this year, like a Farm Corner. It seemed a good idea and something different and interesting for the children. Unfortunately, DEFRA rules and regs are far too complicated for us to do this – and I understand, it’s for the well being of the animals and farmers. We have a plan B, so I’m hoping that we’ll have some news about that at the end of the week.

Loads of traders have already booked their stalls, including a company which sells Goats’ Milk ice cream. Something that I’m looking forward to tasting. Take a look at for the list of traders to date.

Rhodri Edwards from Ultra Comida in Aberystwyth is our chef of the day, not sure what he’ll be cooking yet, but, I’m sure that it will be great. He’s also going to cook with our two volunteers Rev. Eric Roberts and Rev. Kevin Davies. I hope that Rhodri knows what he’s letting himself in for because they can be quite a handful in the kitchen!

Finally, our President of the day is Dewi Pws. (Do we know what we’re letting ourselves in for!) He will open the Festival and he is also playing with his band Sesh Bach (Dewi Pws a Radwm) in the evening in the marquee. That’s going to be great fun. Tickets will be on sale soon at £5, call 01559 362403 for details.

We’re designing the posters this week, but we’re waiting on the logo from the Food, Fish and Market Development Division, Welsh Assembly Government. Hurry up Rhys! I’ll get the poster on the blog as soon as it’s ready maybe even before it’s in the hands of Gwasg Gomer to print!


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