Un CAT, un neidr a fwyd lleol / a CAT, a snake and local food!

Neidr neu slow worm or snake?

Neidr neu slow worm or snake?

Mae hi’n wedi bod yn wythnos dychrynllyd gyda waith, ac mae’r pecyn o Tregroes Waffles prynais i yn wag rŵan!  Gobeithio bydd hi’n penwythnos well.  Ond, mae gen i atgofion dda o’r penwythnos diweddaf. 
Nos Sadwrn aethon ni i La Calabria, bwyta Eidalaidd lleol.  Mae’r bwyd yn ardderchog, ac mae awyrgylch arbennig yn y bwyty.
Dydd Sul aethon ni i’r Centre for Alternative Technology, ger Machynlleth.  Gawson ni syniadau dda am “composting” a ‘solar energy’.  Roedd CAT wedi sefydlu yn 1973, ac roedd hi’n o flaen ei amser ac maen nhw dal yn wneud gwaith da yn gwneud arbrofion a bethau ecolegol.  Er enghraifft gwahanol ffyrdd o wneud ‘compost’.
Pan cyrhaeddon ni yn maes parcio, welais i neidr wrth y car. Doeddwn i ddim yn hapus.   Tynnais i llun, a heno dwi i wedi ymchwilio ar y we a nid neidr ond ‘slow worm’.  Diolch byth.  Dw i ddim wedi gweld neidr wyllt ym Mhrydain eto, a rŵan dw i wedi penderfynu, fy mod i ddim eisiau cwrdd a un erioed!

We had a lovely weekend last weekend.  Last Saturday night we went to La Calabria, an Italian restaurant based ni a farmhouse the other side of Llandysul.  Excellent, tasty food and a wonderful atmosphere.  We had a great time.
On Sunday, we went to the Centre for Alternative Technology, near Machynlleth.  It was set up in 1973 and the people who set it up wanted to learn how to live without harming the planet.  So back in 1973, they were recycling, growing their own food, creating their own electricity from the wind and the sun and water.   They teach what they learn, without preaching and the rest of the world is only now catching up with their way of thinking.  We felt particularly good that their compost toilet was a little smelly because we built a compost loo about 6 months ago, and it DOES NOT smell at all.  Of course, we built it after reading a book that we bought from CAT last year “Lifting the Lid” by Peter Harper & Louise Halestrap, which gave us case studies about different types of compost toilets.  Really easy to read gave us ideas.  Without the work and forum that CAT provides, books like that would never have been printed.  On this visit to CAT we learnt a lot more about (non humanure) composting.  I think that we’ll have to build a better manure system if we’re going to make really good manure.  They seemed to think that good manure is better than good top soil. 
We had a lovely weekend, only marred by the snake that I met with in the CAT car park.  Of course, now I’ve looked it up on the web it’s obvious that it’ s a slow worm.  But, I have been thinking all week that it was a dangerous snake!  The week hasn’t been to great either, and we’ve finished our packet of Tregroes Waffles.  Nothing for it, but we’ll have to open another one!


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