Ffostrasol Arms

Mae hi’n bwrw glaw ac mae pawb yn y swyddfa yn meddwl mae’r haf wedi bennu. Trist iawn. Aethon ni allan am ginio bach, i’r Ffostrasol Arms. Roeddwn i meddwl fod y bwyd yn blasus ac mae’r bwydlen da gyda nhw. Ond, roedd hi’n cymryd tipyn bach mwy na awr i gyrraedd, cael bwyd a dod y nol. Felly, yn anffodus, fyddon ni ddim yn gallu mynd yna yn aml iawn.

The rain has come again and the majority of us in the office think that summer is over. Hope not. We went out to lunch today to the Ffostrasol Arms. I thought that it had a good menu and the food was tasty. I also thought that we were very lucky to find a nice pub that opens and serves food in this area at lunch time. Only problem was that it took us over our lunch hour, by about 15 minutes, so we won’t be able to go there too often – special occasions maybe.


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