Llandysul Food Festival

Dydd Mercher, gawson ni cyfarfod bach am y Gwyl Fwyd Llandysul.  Ein problem ni, yw arian.  Mae’n rhaid o ni ffeindio rhyw busnes neu mwy i gefnogi’r gwyl.  Sut?  Does gan neb ohonon ni profiad yn y maes o farchnata. 

 Wednesday I went to a meeting about the Food Festival for 2008 and going on to 2009.  As with all events we need money and we need to find some friendly businesses to sponsor us.  WE’re not huge, but we could be bigger.  The Llandysul area boasts a remarkable batch of food producers – Cambrian Organics, Tregroes Waffles, Carmarthenshire Cheese Company etc.  Take a look at the list of producers from 2007 http://www.llandysul-ponttyweli.co.uk/gwylfwyd/default.htm.  Our first step at making the festival more of an event will be to have it’s own website. Hopefully that will come soon. 

Sadly though, our biggest problem is getting the money and we’re none of us experts in the wicked art of Marketing…

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