Bore ‘ma es i i fy nosbarth ioga yn y canolfan hamdden.  Dw i dal mewn poen!  Roeddon ni’n gwneud ymestyniadau anodd heddiw.  Prynhawn ‘ma ddaeth y dyn o OJ Williams i trwsio’r boiler.  Roedd y motor wedi torri a roedd rhaid o ni cael un newydd.  Diolch byth roedd un ganddo fo yn ei fan.  Ddim syniad o’r cost, ond mae ty yn dechrau cynnesu. 

 Went to yoga this morning.  Lots of difficult stretches, and I’m aching a bit, but enjoyable.  I never really relax doing yoga, perhaps it’s because the class is on Monday morning.  But, it’s good value and is in the Leisure Centre, 10 minutes away (in the car).  It’s wonderful to have a Lesiure Centre and swimming pool on our doorstep.  I really should use them more!

Thankfully the boiler man for OJ Williams arrived this afternoon.  He had to replace the motor, fortunately he had one in his van.  The house warming up even as I type.


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