Apple Chutney

Bit of a boring Saturday. Spent it, making about 2 litres of apple chutney.  We have so many cooking apples could have made a about 20 litres.  As I’ve never made it before, not a great idea.  But we’ll see in a month or two how it all tastes.

I got up really early this morning, to watch the F1 race from China.  I really thought that Lewis Hamilton would win, and how good would that have been. But, his team and no doubt him, were not very cautious with his tyres and he got stuck in a gravel trap on the way to the pits, where he would have changed his tyres.  Never mind, it means a very tense race in Brazil in two weeks.  Something I’m very much looking forward to.

 Of course life is never straight forward and this afternoon I realised that the boiler wasn’t on.  I checked the oil – one third full. So it’s the boiler itself.  I’ll have to ring OJ Williams tomorrow.   Yet another saga.  2007 is definately the year when things break in our household.  This is the third time this year that the boiler has broke.  The RX8 is broken (and that’s an on going saga of at least 2 months now).  The Skoda broke, but is perfectly ok now. The fridge broke and we replaced it.  Actually it’s not so much that lots of things have broken, it’s just cost a lot to fix them!


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