Mocha saves the day!

Tired already and it’s only Monday but I’ve just had a mocha and hopefully that will keep me going until bedtime.

The weekend was spent mainly cooking and cleaning.  I made tonnes of organic squash soup.  Also, a huge pork cawl (or stew) which was for a business lunch today.  Everyone enjoyed that – we all had seconds.  There was a F1 race in Japan and wow, wasn’t it amazing?  I didn’t get up at 4.30am to watch but I did watch the recording later in the day.  Even my other half watched the whole thing which he normally doesn’t do.  It was a very wet race and there was loads of spray.  The drivers had very little visibilty and yet they still raced.  Incredibly brave.  And possibly stupid, but that’s what they do and most with a huge grin on their faces.


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