Bwyd Organig / Organic Food

Dim lot o Gymraeg heddiw!  Bore ‘ma es i i Lambed i gasglu fy mwyd organig o Face of Flowers (  Fel arfer, maen nhw dosbarthu’r bwyd ar ôl i mi archebu ar lein, ond roeddwn i yn yr ardal ac roedd hi’n dda gweld Liz a Dan. Mae eu busnes dosbarthu bwyd organig yn tyfu yn gyflym iawn.

I was in the Llanbed area this morning so was able to collect my we border from Face of Flowers (  Usually they deliver to me – free delivery in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire which is fab.  They’re so friendly there, and so passionate about organic food.  Now I’ve loads of fresh organic food, I’ve loads of cooking to look forward to.  The size of the squash alone means we’ll be eating loads of squash soup.


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